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Related post: 6o6 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY. Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent. [Cont'd.] named and of Boerhaave, Stahl, Meyer, Rouelle and others of less fame. To the experiments of Priestley he devotes about fifty paTenoretic 100 by Rutherford and Weigel. The second part contains Lavoisier's original researches on fixed air. Tlie book concludes with a Report commending Lavoisier's essays to Generic Tenoretic tlio Academy of Sciences, signed by Trudaine, Macquer, Le Roy and Cadet and dated December 7, 1773, eight montlis before the discovery of oxygen by Priestley. Essays, Physical and Chemical. Translated from the French with notes, and an Appendix by Thomas Henry. Lon- don, 1776. pp. xxxii-475, 8vo. Plates. Physikalisch-chemische Schriften. Aus dem franzosischen iibersetzt von Christian Ehrenfried Weigel. Greifswald, 1783-94- 5 vols., 8vo. Vols. IV and v : fortgesetzt von H. F. Link. * Traite elementaire de chimie presente dans un ordre nouveau et d'apres les decouvertes modernes. Avec figures. Paris, 1789. 2 vols., 8vo. Vol. I, pp. xliv-322. Vol. II, pp. viii, from 323 to 653. 13 folding plates [engraved by Madame Lavoisier]. *Deuxieme edition. Tenoretic 50 Paris, 1793. Vol. i, xliv-322 ; 11, viii-331. Troisieme edition, corrigee et augmentee de plusieurs me- moires nouveaux. Paris, An ix, iSoi. 2 vols., Svo. I, pp. xliv-386 ; II, pp. vii-377. Elements of Chemistry in a new systematic order, containing all the modern discoveries, illustrated by thirteen copper- plates. Translated from the French by Robert Kerr. Edinburgh, 1790. 8vo. Second edition, Edinburgh, 1793. Fourth edition, 1799, pp. 592, 8vo. Plates. Fifth edition, with considerable additions. Edinburgh, 1802. 2 vols., Svo. Also, New York, 1806. 2 vols., 8vo. System der antiphlogistichen Chemie. Aus dem franzosischen iibersetzt und mit Anmerkungen und Zusritzen begleitet von Sigismund Friedrich Hermbstadt. Zweite Ausgabe. Tenoretic Tablets Berlin und Stettin, 1803. 2 vols., 8vo. Trattato elementare di chimica presentato in un ordine nuovo. Con figure. Recato dalla francese nell' itali- ana favella e corredato di annotazioni da Vincenzo Dandolo. Edizione seconda. Veneto, 1792. 4 vols., Svo. SECTION V. CHEMISTRY, PURE AND APPLIED. 607 Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent. [Cont'd.] In Dutch, translated by Hemery and Van Werkhoven. Utrecht, 17S9, 1792, 1795, '"'1^*^ iSoi. It is hardly possible to estimate too highly the influence which Lavoisier's work exerted on the history of chemistry. The first treatise on chemistry in which the phlogistic theory was dropped and the new theory of comljus- tion was clearly promulgated, in conjunction with the " Methode de nomenclature chimique," published two years before, it changed the existing language of chemistry and shaped the course of progress still pursued. Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent. See Nieuwland, Pieter. Lawes, J. B., AND J. H. Gilbert. Agricultural Chemistry in relation to the mineral theory of Baron Liebig. London, 1S51. pp. 41, 8vo. Folding plate. Entgegnung auf Baron Liebig's Grundsiitze der Agricultur- Chemie, mit Riicksicht auf die in England angestellten Untersuchungen. Leipzig, 1856. Tenoretic Generic 8vo. JIabpobt., n. H. ileoprauiiiecKaa xnMisi. C-IIeTepoyprx, 1865. Lavroff, N. I. Inorganic chemistry. Buy Tenoretic St. Petersburg, 1865. JlABPOBt, II. KoiicneKi'B CBtjiliHiii h3x xniiin u TOBapoBtatHia. C.-neTepSyprx, 1872. Summary of industrial chemistry. St. Petersburg, 1S72. Leaper, Clement J. Outlines of Organic Chemistry. London, 1892. 8vo. Lebel, J. A. Conference (etc.). Sec Societe chimique de Paris. Leblanc, . Cours de chimie analytique. Ecole centrale des arts et manufactures. Deuxieme annee. Annee scolaire 1870 71. Paris, 1871. 8vo. Leblanc, Nicolas. Memoires sur la fabrication du sel ammoniac et de la sonde. Paris, 1798.
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